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Popular hotels in Moscow

Why book with

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    Wide choice of hotels in Moscow

    Choose among hotels of all sorts and sizes, from five-star luxury hotels to comfortable small ones. At our web-site you can find even those hotels which have no personal web-page and are not represented anywhere else in the Internet.

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    Complete and relevant information

    Compare the prices, look at the photos, read the hotel descriptions, select the best appropriate option and book online.

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    Very simple booking form

    Send online request and get the confirmation by e-mail. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

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    Free cancellation

    If you decide to cancel your hotel reservation no less than 72 hours before check-in, no cancellation fee applies.

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    Professional advice

    Be sure you can always receive any kind of assistance in hotel booking from our Customer Service team. All our managers speak fluent English and are eager to answer your questions.

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    Trip-planning assistance

    Take advantage of our additional service. We will be glad to offer you car transfers, train tickets, guides, interpreters, visa support - anything you may need for your trip.