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The most popular Moscow Hotels

Without doubts all Moscow Hotels are well sold today. Some of the Moscow Hotels are sold better than others. All hotels in Moscow from five-star hotels to three-star are very popular among the guests. The most popular Moscow hotels are listed below.

Luxury Hotels

 Golden Ring Hotel

Golden Ring Hotel is famous due to high level of service and suitable location in the centre of the capital. This hotel of Moscow takes first place on price-quality rate.

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 Metropol Hotel

Luxury Metropol Hotel, located in the historical centre of Moscow, is one of the popular hotels in Moscow. It's one of the sold hotels in this category. Many fames, politicians, business people choose this hotel of Moscow due to its rich history. After the reconstruction in the beginning of the nineties, Metropol hotel obtained former popularity again.

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 National Hotel

National Hotel is one of the most and luxuries hotels in Moscow. Five-star National hotel is famous due to wide choice of facilities and high level of service satisfies all international requirements. This hotel of Moscow is a part of The Leading Hotels of the World association, confirming the status of King hotel. National Hotel has been rewarded with the Diamond star of USA Hospitality Academy for its achievements.

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Standard Hotels

 Cosmos Hotel

Cosmos Hotel is ordered due to low prices and proximity to Russian Exhibition Centre.

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Economy Hotels

 Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is one of the famous three-star hotels in Moscow. Due to its location (20 minutes by metro to the centre of the city), competitive prices, and wide choice of rooms this hotel stays in the list of the most reserved hotels in Moscow.

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 Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel

Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel is also famous among Moscow guests. The common number of rooms of these hotels are more than 3000 rooms that is the main advantage for delegations' and tourist groups'.

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 Maxima Irbis Hotel

Maxima Irbis Hotel doesn't give popularity to Maxima Zarya hotel. Both hotels are the members of Maxima Hotels net, but in Maxima Irbis hotel there are more business amenities, such as business-centre, conference halls, and room for negotiations.

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 Maxima Zarya Hotel

Nowadays Maxima Zarya Hotel is one of the sold three-star hotels in Moscow. The reasons of this hotel's popularity are low prices and wide choice of rooms.

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