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Travel preparation

There are some aspects, a visitor necessarily should think about, prior to arrival in any foreign country and city. The most important of them are Russian visa, travel insurance and accommodation. There are some peculiarities, worth to pay attention at, during the process of getting a Russian visa or an assurance in your country. Choosing a place of accommodation is undoubtedly one of the main points of both business and leisure travelling. There are hotels of different rates in Moscow and it is important not to lose yourself in this variety.


Every foreign visitor to Russia needs a Russian travel visa. There are several types of Russian visas. The main types are tourist visa, business visa, visitor's visa and transit visa. A Russian visa is usually valid for the period written in the invitation, except for the visitor's visa that can be valid up to 3 months. To obtain a visa at the Russian Consulate in your country, you need to submit necessary paperwork to the Consulate. Processing of Visas takes a number of days and incurs a charge.


Before travelling to Russia, it's recommended that you contact your insurance company and find out if its policy applies overseas and which health expenses it may cover. As a rule, cover is rather limited. In addition to your medical insurance you can buy Russian Medical Insurance at the border. This insurance is not obligatory and usually incurs a charge.

There are a lot of drugstores in Moscow, some of them work round-the-clock. Note that although every drugstore has a choice of regular and prescription medicines, it is better to take necessary drugs with you, if you are on medication.


Choosing accommodation is one of the most important things one should do prior to arriving in Moscow. Note that there is a wide choice of hotels in the city, so booking a hotel must depend primarily on a purpose of your visit. It is also important to pay attention at such significant points as location, price and amenities.