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Arbat Hotel

Arbat Hotel is conveniently located in the historical centre of Moscow, in some minutes' walk from Old and New Arbat, which gave it its name. Six-floor building of Arbat Hotel is surrounded with ancient mansions, museums, different foreign embassies.

In spite of the fact that the edifice of Arbat Hotel was built in 1960, the history of this hotel is rooted in 19 century. In particular that time, in Bolshaya Dmitrovka, the hotel Arbat was opened. Later this hotel changed its name repeatedly: Tulon Hotel, Nobless Hotel, Russia Hotel. The last name was reserved for the hotel till the middle of thirties, in the period when it was named Oktyabrskaya. In those years Oktyabrskaya Hotel was belonged to Mossovet, the members of different parties, the deputies of congresses, and the members of Mossovet were the guests of this hotel.

By the end of fifties the building of Arbat Hotel decayed pretty well and was in need of overhaul. Moreover, it was necessary to increase the number of rooms. But it was decided not to repair the old building of Oktyabrskaya Hotel, but to build the new one. A plot in Plotnikovy alleyway was chosen as a place of building. Formerly there was the mansion of Russian genius chess player Alekhin. In 1959-1960 at the scene of that mansion austere and modern Oktyabrskaya Hotel was raised at the project of architects Rozenfeld and Bergenson.

This name the hotel has been keeping till 1991, after disintegration of Soviet Union the hotel was given Arbat name. In 1992 the edifice of hotel was reconstructed. There were administrative and living rooms in Arbat Hotel.

During some years three-star Arbat Hotel was the member of Golden Ring Hotel complex, but later it was conveyed to supervise by the President Administrative Department. In the end of 2004 overhaul of the hotel was carried out. Outside face, interiors, the level of comfort changed. Arbat Hotel has received the status of four-star hotel officially.

In the end of eighties Arbat Hotel was private hotel where just delegations of KPSS ideological allies, stately members of parties, the leaders of socialistic countries stayed. Nowadays among the guests of this hotel there are officials, state employees, which are on the business trips in the capital of Russia, but considerable part of Arbat Hotel guests, about 65 %, are foreign tourists.

Hotel Arbat