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Korston Hotel

Korston Hotel (Orlenok Hotel in former) is situated in south-west of Moscow. Twenty-storeyed building of Orlenok Hotel was built in 1976. Like many Moscow hotels, this hotel was built on the threshold of Olympic Games. The hotel was named after the popular song about civil war.

For many years Orlenok Hotel has been working successfully and received the status of one of the best three-star hotels in Moscow. In 1992 Orlenok Hotel was reorganized in joint-stock company, in 2002 on the base of the hotel Korston company was created, which was headed by Anatoly Kuznetzov, a chief executive of Orlenok Hotel. In 2002-2004 the hotel was totally reconstructed. Standard three-star hotel turned into modern four-star Korston Hotel & Casino Moscow complex.

In 2006 the group of Korston companies declared about expansion of hotel complex. Five-star hotel, business-center, commercial-entertaining centre will form a part of hotel. The total area of complex will increase from 40 to 200 sq.m. The heart of this complex will be Korston Hotel as before.

Hotel Korston