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Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Moscow. Five-storey building of Savoy Hotel in neoclassicism style is situated in the very heart of Moscow, in proximity to Bolshoi Theatre, at the intersection of two old streets Rozhdestvenka and Pushechnaya. Balconies with columns, modeled masks, semicircular windows give elegant form to the whole building. No wonder that Savoy Hotel is one of ten most beautiful hotels in Moscow.

The history of Savoy Hotel began in 1909, when Salamander insurance company purchased the plot at the corner of Rozhdestvenka and Pushechnaya. Princess Argamakova-Turkestanova was former owner of this plot. She also owned Alpenrose restaurant, which was near with the future Na Pushechnoy, 4 Hotel.

The building of Savoy Hotel has been carrying out since 1910 till 1912. Victor Velichkin was the architect of the hotel, he also was a creator of restaurant design in rococo style. The symbol of the hotel was salamander due to the name of first Savoy Hotel owner. Nowadays you can find the image of salamander in stucco moulding, on the carpets, on the bottom of swimming-pool. There are some versions of why the hotel was named Savoy. One of these is connection the name of the hotel with Savoy Alps, another one — in honor of Savoy Hotel in London, which the symbol of luxury and comfort.

In 1913 Savoy Hotel placed first guests and obtained the reputation of hotel with European level of services very soon. Sergey Esenin and Aisedora Dunkan were among the first guests of Savoy Hotel. After the October Revolution in 1917 the hotel was nationalized and used for foreign tourists' accommodation. In 1935 in the rooms of Savoy Hotel Romen Rolan, Anry Barbus stayed for studying of Russian life. In 1958 Savoy Hotel was the member of Intourist net, it was renamed in Berlin Hotel and worked with this name in 87-1989. After the reconstruction Savoy Htel received former form and name. Alpine Rose picture-gallery where the works of well-known artists were represented became the pride of renewed Savoy Htel.

In 1999 and 2005 Savoy Htel was reconstructed. Last reconstruction of 2005 cost more that 20 millions. Italian architects at the head of Leonardo Tonioni, carried out reconstructions in Roman gallery, Florentine Uffitsi gallery, worked at Savoy Hotel. During this reconstruction the number of rooms was decreased from 83 to 67, two conference-halls, modern business centre, health centre were opened. The hotel was equipped with moderrn facilities, including the new fire-prevention system.

All those innovations combined with retro interiors and ancient atmosphere of Savoy Hotel. In 2005 the hotel became five-star hotel. In 2006 Savoy Hotel began to work under the brand of international hotels Small Luxury Hotels of the World net. This net includes small hotels with luxury interiors and high level of service.

Hotel Savoy