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Baltschug Kempinski Hotel

Baltschug Kempinski Hotel is situated in Baltschug part of the city. This old district, located between Moscow river and Vodootvodny channel, is known since 14 century. Its name comes from Tatar word — balschekh, which means dirt and bog. Formerly there were public baths, then there was a pub for the oprischniks of Ivan the Terrible. In 19 century merchants and craftsmen occupied Balschug, they also sold firewood and food here. Balschug also possesses notable qualities, according to the weather forecasters' observations, it is the warmest district in Moscow. Winter temperatures here are higher than in other parts of Moscow.

After the fire in 1812 two-storeyed edifice was built in Balschug street. Its first floor was for habitation, on the ground floors shops and stores were situated. In 1898 the building was demolished, later there was raised a paying house at architect Ivanov's project, with vaulted embrasures and angle turret. Renting apartments, restaurants, shops, bakery, and laundry were here. After the October Revolution, in 1928, a new Novomorskaya Hotel was opened in Balschug street. Afterwards, there was a hall of residence of People's commissariat. In 1957 Bukharest hotel located here.

In 1989 Bukharest hotel was closed on reconstruction, which has been lasting for three years. Kempinsky hotel net was carrying out the reconstruction works, which were in a big way. Building stuff were supplied from Austria, the building cost about 86 million dollars. The hotel was totally reconstructed, planning was absolutely changed and just repaired front was kept.

In 1992 reconstructed Bukharest hotel was opened under Baltschug Kempinski name. The hotel received the status of five-star hotel at once and became one of the best hotels in Moscow very soon. The work of Baltschug Kempinski Hotel was rewarded with Five Star Diamond and Crystal rook awards. This Hotel became a member of international association Leading Hotels of the World.

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski