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Moscow Hotel

Moscow Hotel plays a great role in the history of Russian capital. The hotel, built under Soviet regime, was situated in the heart of Moscow, in proximity to Kremlin.

In 1920-s Political Bureau took a decision about the building of Moscow Hotel which was named the hotel of Mossovet. A new hotel was planed as grand symbol of socialistic regime, as original antipode of National and Metropol hotels. According to the first project the hotel had to be built in constructivism style. The authors of the project were young architects L. Savelev and O. Stapran.

Moscow Hotel's building started in 1930 and was the initiation of Moscow historical centre reconstruction till sixties. Okhotny ryad with its shops, stores, pubs, and churches, including Paraskavel Friday chapel were destroyed. Due to changing of Soviet policy to neoclassicism style the project of Moscow Hotel was changed by famous architect Shchusev, who was the creator of Lenin's mausoleum. He decorated strict fronts with capitals and vignettes. The edifice of Moscow Hotel became more luxury, the front from Manezhnaya square was decorated with portico and two asymmetric towers, that was the cause for rumors and legends. According to doubtful information, the project of Moscow Hotel was sent to Stalin for approval. The front of the hotel was divided with vertical line on the picture. Stalin had to choose better part, but he wrote approving resolution in the middle of the picture. Nobody decided to specify, so asymmetric towers were appeared.

In 1935 Moscow Hotel placed the first guests. For many years Moscow Hotel was the best hotel in the capital of Russia. Moscow Hotel amazes not only its comfort, but its rooms' decoration, where stucco moulding, marble, bronze, and painting are used. Among the famous guests of the hotel are Valery Chkalov, Aleksey Stakhanov, Ilya Erenburg, G. Zhukov, Arkady Raikin, Uriy Gagarin, Pablo Neruda.

In 1968-77 the second part of Moscow Hotel was built. The authors of the project were architects Boretsky, Solopov, Rozhin. The parts of the building formed closed square.

At the end of twenties Moscow Hotel approached to three-star hotel. In 2000 the building was in bed condition. Moscow government at the head of Luzhkov decided to demplish the old building and to erect new one at the Shchusev project. According to the plan it had to become five-star hotel.

On July 20, 2003 the hotel was closed. Working was hard, walls demolished with difficulties, some times there were fires, fortunately without human suffers. In 2003 demolition of hotel went on. In 2005 the building of new Hotel started, DeckMos Company, general contractor of works, received the credit in 600 millions dollars.

Austrian Starbag Company carried out the building of five-star hotel. New six-storeyed edifice faced Theatre Avenue. Its style became less pompous. This hotel was equipped with all modern amenities, conference-hall for up to 800 people, business centre, and underground parking lot. Shops, cafes, restaurants were on the ground floors of the hotel.

Now the decorating works are carrying out in Moscow Hotel. First guests will be placed in 2008.