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Zarya Hotel

Three-star Zarya Hotel is a part of Maxima Hotels net, situated in ecologically favorable region, close to the Ostankino Estate, the Botany Garden, and the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Proximity to the Exhibition Center is convenient for business people. Two five-story buildings of this hotel, raised in 1956, offered the guests moderate comfort at low prices.

Among the first guests of Zarya Hotel were the members and delegates of The World Youth Festival in 1957. During the ensuing years Zarya Hotel accommodated foreigners but as usual it was head for Soviet citizens: collective farmers, students, ordinary tourists. The proximity to the Exhibition Center with its Numerous exhibitions and conferences provided the hotel with constant influx of guests. During Olympic Games in 1980 the staff which served the games stayed in Zarya Hotel too.

After a number of years the buildings of Zarya Hotel decayed, hotel equipment became out of date, the level of service reduced. Architectural appearance of the district in which the hotel situated was also changed. In fifties north-east of Moscow was building over with five-story residential constructions, but to the 21 century beginning of skyscrapers started. Moscow government viewed the plan of Zarya Hotel demolition and erection of the modern hotel on this place.

In 2004 Maxima Hotels, closed joint-stock company, became the manager of Zarya Hotel. At that time was taken a decision not to demolish, but to reconstruct the buildings of the hotel, and to divide it into two independent hotels — Zarya and Irbis.

The reconstruction of Zarya Hotel was finished in 2005 Now Zarya and Irbis are comfortable and modern members of the most famous three-star hotels of Moscow.

Hotel Maxima Zarya