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Leningradskaya Hotel

Leningradskaya Hotel is situated in one of seven famous skyscrapers, built in Moscow in 1940-50. Among these skyscrapers of Stalin period, Leningradskaya Hotel is the smallest one, just of 136 m height. Imposing tower of Leningradskaya Hotel raises on Komsomolskaya square, in immediate proximity to Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky, and Kazansky railway stations.

Leningradskaya Hotel was built at the project of Polyakov and Boretsky architects. According to their project this building had to be in baroque style. White tile and red glaze ceramic were used in decorating of Leningradskaya Hotel's fronts. Gold edges and emblem of octahedral spire were on the top of the hotel. Leningradskaya Hotel boasted with splendour interiors — bronze gates, painted and modeled ceilings, bronze statues of lions, chandeliers, wooden furniture. The decoration of Leningradskaya Hotel was unique, two bronze chandeliers were even registered in Ginious book of world records. 330 rooms were placed in 17-storyed building of this hotel.

Due to convenient location and reasonable prices Leningradskaya Hotel was the most popular hotel among citizens of USSR and other countries. In spite of luxury conditions and high level of service Leningradskaya Hotel belonged to three-star hotels. Such situation didn't suit the government of Moscow, especially as the building of the hotel decayed and required restoration. As a result 70 % of stocks of the hotel were sold. Sadko-Hotel Company became the new owner of the hotel, in November of 2005 the hotel was closed for restoration.

As Leningradskaya Hotel is architectural monument of federal meaning, restoration works were supposed to carry out with preservation of hotel fronts. According to the project of new owners fronts and rooms were decorated. After the restoration the number of rooms had to reduce to 275, the area had to increase to 33 sq.m. Besides, in restored hotel three conference-halls, fitness centre, and banquet hall had to be appeared. The hotel had to receive the category of four-star hotel.

Opening of restored hotel were scheduled to the beginning of 2007, but now this event will be early in 2008. The manager of Leningradskaya Hotel will be Hilton Hotels Corporation, so as probably the hotel will be named Hilton Leningradskaya Moscow.

Hotel Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya